MidDec Scandinavia AB is a high tech company, with roots from the Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm (KTH) and the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall (MIUN).
Below follows a brief introduction to our business

MidDec develops, manufactures and markets Delta E detectors and Pixel detectors for:

  • Experiments in nuclear physics
  • Measurement of radiation in satellite telescopes
  • Experiments in material physics
  • Microscopes used in medical and pharmaceutics research

We also offer systems tailored detectors and sensors for your needs.

  • Developing of prototype components.
  • New custom designed components that address your specific application.
  • Flexible in physical format options.
  • Small volume production.
  • When needed we arrange large volume production.

MidDecs components represent a commitment that starts with quality and performance, and continues with technical and applications support.

If you want to know more; do not hesitate to contact research@middec.se.
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