MidDec was founded 2004 with the purpose to commercialize a new detector,  a ”integrated delta E detector” invented and patented by some of the company founders . Despite that the promising market within material science and advanced telescopes, the timing was wrong and the market has still not begun.  During 2005-2006 MidDec in parallel started to participate in research and developing cooperation with a company within in medical technical instruments business and Midsweden University in a program supported by KK-foundation.

After 3-4 prototypes the cooperation resulted in that MidDec had developed a new detector and a technic for mounting the detector in a specialized way suitable for production. In 2008 MidDec got the trust to become the supplier/manufacturer of the special mounted Xray detector. The MiDecs detector is mounted in an advanced instrument used by hospitals all over the world when calibrating CT (Computed Tomography) scanners. At two occasions MidDec has mounted a special variant of “phantom” with 8 detectors for research purpose at St Ana University Hospital in California USA

At present our first product is spread in over 50 countries and MidDec continues in a closes cooperation with our first customer to develop new innovative products.

Our second product is a radon sensor for continuous real time measurement of radon concentration in for example a building.  It all started in 2008 via a research project together with IEAP in Prague, MidDec and MidSweden University developing detectors for measurement of Alfa decay.  At first MidDec planned to commercialize a polonium sensor for tracing polonium decay after terror incidents. From advice by among others Vinnova, MidDec choose to focus at sensors for radon measurement.  Together with a company leading the market for radon vacuum cleaners MiidDec has developed a radon sensor with read out electronics and outer mounting.  The Radon Sensor can be placed in a living room, measures radon concentration, via a propriety wireless protocol the sensor control the fan of the radon vacuum cleaner in the cellar.

Recently another customer that among others supply the global “estate market” with computer based control and surveillance systems made an integration for Modbuss interface towards our radon sensor. The idea is that the radon sensor continuously will support the control and surveillance systems with information of current radon level in a building. Information that can be processed and presented by the system in different ways for the benefit of the estate owner.

In parallel to our manufacturing and developing of new products MidDec participates in research corporations with research institutes, universities and other companies. Research for develop neutron detectors or instruments for Phase Contrast Xray images.