MidDec Scandinavia AB

MidDec Scandinavia AB developes, manufactures and marketes state-of-the-art detectors and sensors for advanced instruments. Instruments that are used by customers  for the measurement of energy levels and mass of elementary particles in their specific applications.

MidDec customers are scientist and research institutes throughout the world, until now mainly in Europe – for example France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden and the United States.

MidDec’s, technology represent a commitment that begins in early development. When tailoring a semiconductor for high quality and good performance an active customer interaction is necessary. It continues with a close follow up with technical advice during the crucial phase of installation and measurements.

The people working at MidDec is senior scientists with excellent academic records and know how in producing high quality semiconductors. The founders and member of the MidDec team are Sture Petersson, chairman of the board. Örjan Martelleur, Managing Director, Göran Thungström Chief of labs & process and Christer Fröjdh Chief Research & Developement.